Master of Science (M.Sc)


M.Sc (Physics Department)

The department has well equipped laboratory with all apparatus in working mode from different stream of physics like Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Electronics, Magneto-statics, etc. The main focus of department is to train the students with practical knowledge of physical concepts related to their coursework. The department offers Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Physics; it will be more beneficial to the students of this region for getting master knowledge of physics as well as in making their career in research and development in various branches of physics.

The Physics department has also expertise in various fields of advanced research activities. The research has been conducting in the frontier areas of subject like simulation techniques as theoretical investigation of layered materials like Graphene and other 2D materials in collaboration with Applied Physics Department, M. J. P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly and synthesis and characterization of nano-strutures in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The department has also been engaged for a long time in promoting and advertizing the schemes of new and renewable energy programs conducted from center of excellence in renewable energy education and research, University of Lucknow (New campus) for highlighting the skills in various renewable energy technologies.

The department has organized two national conferences in 2015 and 2014 sponsored by the semiconductor society India (SSI). Now it is continuously making efforts to assemble leading scientists and researchers time to time on a common platform in the institution to interact and discussion with students and faculty members.

Career Opportunities:

Government/Private Sector Jobs

Research Fellow in Research Labs like NPL, DRDO, ISRO etc

Opportunities in academics

Astrophysicist, Metallurgist, Geophysicist, Field seismologist, etc

M.Sc (Chemistry Department)

The Department of Chemistry is engaged in providing highest level of quality of academic education. It is well recognized and leading department in with growing list of accolades. It covers all the major areas of chemistry viz. – Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry has its strength in academics and research work. The commitment to research is reflected in large number of projects sponsored by the department of Chemistry, M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. The main focus of the teaching and research in the department is centered on interdisciplinary themes which have gained significant attention and appreciation. The department is carrying research that can contribute to fight against Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegeneration disease and particularly focusing upon developing a method of amplifying the aggregates to make them easier to identify. The department has excellent laboratory facilities well equipped with apparatus like UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Potentiometric titration and many more. The department has faculties with expertise in frontier areas of synthesis of biological active compounds for the formation of drugs and formation of carcinogenic compounds and Schiff’s base in collaboration with Bareilly College, Bareilly & M. J. P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.

The department arranges various seminars of general interest including a special seminar series on drug synthesis and anti-hypertensive agents. The students are getting training in the integrated programme having unique background of chemistry.

Career Opportunities:

Scientist, Research Fellow

In Academics

Analytical Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Health care, Forensic Scientists

Pharmacologist, Toxicologist, Drug development units in Industries

Jobs in Government/Private sector

M.Sc (Mathematics Department)

Mathematics Department is an integral part of all the courses conducted in our Institute. It offers Master of Science (M. Sc.) course in Mathematics and provides standard knowledge of basics as well as applied mathematical concepts. All the course-works are designed in tune with the standard norms of UGC, AICTE and other concerned bodies. The department is equipped with modern facilities like computers with 24x7 internet facilities in order to keep in close and quick contact of latest mathematical activities all around us. Besides the traditional teaching of mathematics, faculty members are proposing computational mathematical methods for solving problems that are typically too large for human numerical capacity. The main focus of the department is on the development of the practical applications of mathematical theories. These theories are widely being used in the development of science, engineering, business and industry.

Career Opportunities:

Academics & Research organisations

Quantitative Risk Analyst

Statistician, Treasury Management Specialist, Demographer in Firms

Banks & Insurance Companies

Self Employment

M.Sc (Botany Department)

The department has maintained quality teaching and research in plant sciences. There is well equipped laboratory with apparatus related to coursework like Hydroponics, Potometer, Respirometer, Incubator Chamber, Digital PH meter and many more. Recently, the department offers Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Botoany which has involved in regular classroom teaching by subject experts as well as in extra curriculum activities, academic visits and tours like Indian Botanical Garden, Kolkata, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Institute of Human Bio-research and Technology, Himachal Pradesh etc. for the study of wide range species of plants.

The main focus of the department is on the recent fields of plant sciences like Plant Breeding for the enhancement of the production of food, grain, vegetables, Genetic Engineering for the production of new variety of plants by changing their genes, and microbiology i.e. formation of single cell protein from algae, in the field of pharmaceuticals, to synthesize the antibiotics with the help of micro-organism and Gemcrops etc.

The department is always promoting its students and faculty members to present and discuss their academic problems and to attend & present their research papers in the national and international conferences and seminars time to time.

Career Opportunities:

Academics & Research Field

Higher studies

Forest Ranger, Forest Guard, Forest Officer

Ecologist, Environmental consultant, Nature conservation officer, etc

M.Sc (Zoology Department)

The zoology department of Rajshree Institute is going under the supervision of well qualified professor and faculty members. Students are studying in regular classroom environment and getting practical knowledge from well equipped laboratory with the experiments from different fields of research.

Some important work is based on the experiments specially from Microtome for section cutting of tissues, Light Microscope for microstudy, Electrophoresis for the separation of the bio-molecules, Spectrophotometer for the colometry, Hot air oven for rotatory shaker, Laminar air flow for culturing, Micro pipett for pipetting and distillation unit etc. The faculty members invite occasionally some eminent scientists and experts of their field from different parts of India to deliver invited talk for enhancing the knowledge of students in their respective field.

Career Opportunities:

Academics and Research in higher education

Research Scientist in wildlife, Veterinary & Avian research

Jobs in Pharmaceutical and other companies, etc


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Course Fee

"It is our pleasure to welcome you at Rajshree Institute of Management & Technology, Bareilly. I am delighted you have chosen our Institute for your education and to lay the foundation of your professional career."

M.Sc in (Physics/Chemistry/Zoology/Botany/Home Science)

Fee Rs. 16000/- Per Year

Exam Fee as Per MJPRU

M.Sc in Maths

Fee Rs. 12000/- Per Year

Exam Fee as Per MJPRU

*Fees are subject to change without notice. The fees at the time of admission is the actual fees payable. Disputes, if any, will be redressed under the University rules and regulations.

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